Initial Daytime Cleaning Services

The introduction of Daytime Cleaning was led by Initial Facilities Services in the UK to help meet customers' needs.

It required innovation, such as the introduction of cordless cleaning equipment, and high quality management systems.

Initial Facilities provides exemplary facilities management to many of the most successful public and private sector organisations across the UK and Spain

With a growing need for clean premises throughout the day, daytime cleaning has proved to be very popular with many businesses.

Initial delivers daytime cleaning to major national retailers, offices, corporations, airports, train stations, schools and colleges across the UK and Spain.

Some of the benefits of cleaning throughout the day include:

  • Continuous cleaning allows customers to maintain higher standards all day, with a smaller team of trained full-time staff and less machinery.
  • Customers save on security and energy costs since Initial staff are onsite during normal business hours.
  • Cleaning staff can assist with other tasks while onsite – such as loading vending machines, preparing refreshments or even post room duties.
  • Staff turnover is reduced as jobs with daytime hours are easier to fill.

Initial supports customers by providing a step-by-step guide to help with the transition to daytime cleaning. It provides advice on staffing, cordless equipment, and health and safety issues, helping customers to see the benefits of daytime cleaning immediately

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