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Community support

Rentokil Initial’s approach to the community consists of three separate approaches.

The first is charitable cash donations, which tends to be made at a central or divisional level. These donations can be linked to matched-giving to support employees’ own locally based fund raising for charities and voluntary groups.

The second is community support, which tends to be a combination of value in kind donations, often linked to employee volunteering activities, which may in themselves relate to fund raising, with possible matched giving. This support tends to be undertaken at a country level.

The third relates to community investment. This approach tends to be determined at a country or divisional level, and is likely to be a combination of financial support, operational or marketing support (such as cause related marketing) and employee volunteering.

The company’s community support and investment is focused locally or divisionally rather than centrally driven. The selection of which community scheme to support is often selected by employees. Their active participation is particularly important.

Individual community activities are led by the management of each business (either on a local business or divisional basis). In most instances, the selection of which community activity should be supported is based upon those communities where the local business operates and where employees live and work.

Applications for community support should be sent in writing to your local Rentokil Initial business or centrally through the Contact us page on this website

Around The World Our Colleagues and Businesses Actively Support Local Charities

The following represent the highlights of the community initiatives undertaken in each division. There are many others. These may be relatively small activities, but whose impact can be quite large for those members of the community that are beneficiaries.


In Auckland, New Zealand the Ambius branch is a supporter of the Starship Children’s Hospital, the only specialist paediatric hospital in the country. Its support is by way of supplying and maintaining plants, which help create a soothing, restful atmosphere for the children who are the patients and their families visiting them.

In Australia, Ambius has created a cause related marketing scheme to support the Rainforest Rescue (itself described in more detail later under the Asia Pacific division). The scheme is based on a new Australian rainforest range of plants. When customers choose to rent any of these plants, Ambius makes a contribution towards Rainforest Rescue to help protect the unique Daintree area in North Queensland.

North America

Our North American business, has made commitments of donations amounting to about $30,000 over the next few years to around 8 local charities. This is in addition to the business’s local sponsorship of children’s sports teams. In addition, the division’s marketing team participated in the Give and Gain Day (Business in the Community’s annual employee volunteering event). By organising (and contributing) for a dress down day, they raised over £200 to support Millpond Primary School with the provision of an outdoor reading area and vegetable garden.

Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Rentokil in India is providing expert support to the Green School project. This project aims to engage school children in a greener and cleaner environment. The project involves schools forming teams for projects targeting energy efficiency, water efficiency, green house keeping, integrated pest management etc.

Each team comprises both students and experts from the field. Rentokil’s support involves guiding school children in their projects on topics such as integrated pest management and helping in the implementation of initiatives to make areas pest-free.

In addition, the business is organising pest awareness programmes - called the Pest Detective - for school children in India. The children are shown symptoms of pest existence. On judging the pests with the symptoms shown, the children are rewarded with the UNO cards - a card game played with a specially printed deck.

In South Africa, much of its community focus has been on supporting employees and their relatives who have been afflicted by HIV/Aids. One of its first community activities was to support the starting up of the Thusanang Development Centre by providing a 2.1 acre property on a free of charge basis. This centre’s beneficiaries belong to the large community of squatters in Olivienhoutbosch, where HIV/Aids affect the ability of families to work and survive. The activities at the centre include agriculture (growing spinach, breeding chickens for the community and preparing compost from Ambius waste), a kitchen feeding scheme, computer literacy training, and training for manicures and facials, together with an employment recruitment drive.

From the community investment in Thusanang, evolved the Zenzeleni Trust. This is a colleague based initiative, whose objective is to provide funds for beneficiaries, who may be any colleague, or child or adult dependant of a colleague, requiring financial assistance as a direct result of HIV/Aids or an HIV/Aids related illness. Membership amounts to over one third of the business’s colleagues, who contribute monthly to the Trust, but all the colleagues support it in its fundraising. These activities are organised by HIV/Aids Champions who are located in every operation in the business, and whose role (in addition to organising fundraising) is to liaise with any colleagues that need support.

In Australia, the businesses have a continuing relationship with the Daintree Rainforest Rescue Sponsorship Programme in Queensland, Australia. Their programme is designed to have long-term positive environmental benefits and could be linked to the community and its customers. It started with their “buy back and protect forever” of a 17,500 square metre block of rainforest with a cash donation and a wide range of initiatives, involving customers and employees.

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