Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility App FAQ

The Rentokil Initial CR Report App is a free to use reference service giving easy access to the annual information about responsible business activities.

Can You Help Me with My CR Report App?

You can contact RI here:

Can I Read the Report on a Desktop Computer or Mobile Phone?

This is not possible. This is designed to be read on an iPad device only.

How Do I Delete the App?

You can delete apps from the iPad by tap and holding the icon thumbnail until it begins to shake. Tap on the x to delete the app.

Download Problems

Please follow our general trouble-shooting tips for dealing with any download-related difficulties.

  • Make sure you have sufficient storage space on your device;
  • Try a different WiFi connection;
  • Do not close the app during downloading as this will halt the download;

To resume stuck downloads, power-off your device by holding down the power button (a hard reset – wait for 'slide to power off message' and power-off). Then turn it back on.

I Have a Download Stuck Unzipping

This is often the result of running low on storage space preventing the process completing on the device. You may need to free up some storage space before attempting to re-download the issue. A hard reset should interrupt the stuck unzipping process, however in some case you will need to reinstall the App on your device.

App Crashes

In the unlikely event of an application crash you are unable to resolve, we have set out some steps that may help you:

  1. Kill the app (double tap the Home button on your device, tap and hold on the app until it begins to shake, then tap it again) and restart it.
    If that doesn't help...
  2. Kill other apps running at the same time using the same method to free up system resources.
  3. Uninstall the app, and reinstall it from Newsstand and restart.

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