How We Do It

Our Values


An arrow in the centre of a target, signifying the achievement of an aim.

We are passionate about delivering excellent service to every customer.

We keep our promises and do what we say we will do.

This value reflects that at Rentokil Initial everything starts with the customer.

Our passion to provide customers with value and service drives everything we do.


A handshake, signifying a relationship.

Great relationships between colleagues and between colleagues and customers are the bedrock of our business and that’s why colleagues chose relationships as one of our three core values.

We value long lasting relationships with our colleagues and customers and we communicate:

  • We keep colleagues and customers informed about changes that affect them.
  • We listen to people’s needs and concerns, and act on what they tell us.
  • We are honest and straightforward in our conversations.


A collection of adjacent cogs, signifying teamwork.

Our business is all about good teamwork. It sounds easy, but is actually quite hard to do. So making teamwork one of our core values places great emphasis on us getting it right, for our colleagues and our customers.

We work together with our colleagues to deliver great results and we support our colleagues:

  • We treat our colleagues with respect and recognise everyone has an important role to play.
  • We trust colleagues to take ownership of customer relationships.
  • We make sure colleagues have the support, tools and training to do their job well.

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